About Ruby

Photographer, pad thai enthusiast, crazy cat lady..

Welcome to Ruby Wallace-Ewing photography, allow me to introduce myself...

How I got here: My journey into the photography field is really rooted in my love for art. I grew up with an artist mother, always painting, coloring or doing fun projects together. Which turned into me being "the artistic kid" throughout my schooling. I enjoyed creating something that people would enjoy looking at. Making art gave me pride. My first photoshoots involved a drug store grade film camera, and whatever or whoever was around the house. My little sister was (and still is) my go to model. I can still remember the excitement I would feel going to the pharmacy down town to pick up my developed film.

My interest grew deeper when my small Maine high school suddenly had a photography club. With nothing but a five megapixel point and shoot Fuji Film camera I got for my 12th birthday, I went to work on my assignments, and even joined a community based photography club with my mom. This club held an annual photography contest at the Bangor State Fair. I entered eight photos and to my absolute shock, won best in show for the high school division, I was ecstatic. 

I started my "professional career" taking my friends senior photos and loved it. I didn't know what I was doing, but I did know that I was having the best time. After a year majoring in psychology in college, and always feeling a pang of jealousy when I saw the photo majors in my dorm working on their assignments, I applied to change my major to photography. Three years of college later and an amazing internship with Boston Magazine, my interests have branched out into food photoraphy, events, weddings, and any other way I can get behind the camera and do what I love!

Experience: I earned my BFA in photography from Endicott College in 2015, and graduated top in my major. I completed a four month internship with Boston Magazine the first semester of my senior year and signed a freelance contract with them that December. For the next year and a half I completed various assignments for Boston Magazine including food and restaurant photography, and events. I also freelanced for the Salem News as a photojournalist and currently work as an in-house photographer and social media guru for BodyBurn By Ray. 

Fun Facts: I grew up in Orono Maine in a family of six and I am an identical twin! I am a full blown cat lover and the mother to a two year old kitty baby named Bambi. I love sushi, pad thai, margaritas and fish tacos. The environment is my other passion in life, and I strive every day to go above and beyond to reduce and conserve. I'm a foodie and love to explore the many fabulous restaurants in Salem where I live! I can't wait to make your vision a reality!