Winter Wonderland

I hate winter. It's cold, and dark and no fun at all. But, as a new Englander I have to find a way to cope with the longest season that we have. January is a slow month for photography, which is good, it gives me time to plan for the rest of the year, update galleries, business cards etc. It's also the perfect time to take photos just for fun! One of my favorite activities is getting in the car with my mom and sister, packing up some clothes, makeup, the dog and snacks (duh), and driving around until we find a cool location to shoot. It could be anything from a pretty cluster of trees, to a barn full of farm equipment. We get the tunes bumping and get to shooting! Here's a collection of images we shot when I was home in Maine for Christmas, and let me tell you. It. Was. Cold. The kind of cold that hurts your face, freezes the inside of your nose, and makes your toes feel like they are going to fall off. Some polar vortex crap. But, nothing will get in the way of our image making! I even got in on a few shots! Also, I have some really exciting news to share with you all at the end of February! Enjoy these wintery photos from your warm bed and think happy thoughts, summer is coming! 

Family Time

It has been a decent amount of time since I have had a family portrait session, so I was really excited when when this lovely family reached out to me for a post Thanksgiving shoot! However, I became a bit nervous when I found out I would be shooting a family of 13! I quickly started a Pinterest board and began watching youtube videos on how to manage and pose a large group. It turns out I had nothing to worry about. Everyone's great sense of humor and perfect outfit coordination, combined with a large backyard and miraculously sunny weather all came together to create some beautiful images! Happy holidays to everyone! Be on the lookout for some pretty big changes for Ruby Wallace-Ewing Photography coming up in the new year!

Teresa - Belmont High School Class of 2018

And there it is, my last senior of the season! And what a way to go out! Foliage, foliage everywhere! Such a beautiful fall session at the Mass Audubon Sanctuary in Belmont. With raindrops pelting my windshield on the drive from Salem, I began to panic a little that it would be too rainy for photos, but by some miracle we managed to get an hour break from the rain, right before the big storm hit! You know that one that knocked power out for almost a week and canceled Halloween in some towns. Senior season went out with a bang, and although I still have a few sessions I have yet to post (saving my little brother's for the right time) I want to send out a huge thank you to all of my Orono, Belmont, Salem and Old Town High School Seniors for an amazing summer/fall, good luck with your next steps, whatever they may be!

Lilly - Belmont High School Class of 2018

This year has been iffy for fall foliage, with all of this warm weather it seemed like the leaves would never turn. But alas, fall pulled through just in time for Lilly's senior session at the Mass Audubon Sanctuary in Belmont! My first ever Belmont High School senior, and my first fall senior session! She set the bar high! Lilly was up for anything and trekked through some extremely muddy conditions to get the shots we wanted.

It's Getting ~Spooky~ Around Here

Some of my greatest memories are from Halloween time, I just love it. Candy galore, scary decorations, parties! I always loved trick-or-treating in my hometown in Maine, my super talented mama always crafted the best costumes with accessories and makeup to match! (Check out her awesomeness here). It only makes sense that I now live in the real life Halloweentown, Salem Massachusetts! Things get pretty crazy in Salem during October, so the Baphomettes naturally had to have their biggest and most amazing burlesque show during the haunted happenings. I'm sorry if you missed it. To honor my favorite spooky ladies and the quickly approaching holiday, here is their grave yard shoot that I have been saving for months! Happy Halloween!

Siren Shoot With The Baphomettes

Since we are right in the transition from summer to ~spooky~ I though now would be the perfect time to (finally) post this amazing siren session! The Baphomettes continue to keep me creative, and keep me enjoying this passion of mine, when "work" can sometimes make photography feel more like a chore. This shoot is the perfect combination of a summer beach day mixed with a little bit of murder... Catch the Baphomettes at Opus October 15th!

Isabel - Orono High School Class of 2018

It was SO difficult to decide which of Isabel's photos I wanted to post because they are all so amazing! The photos were taken on my parents property in Orono, Maine and down by the lovely Stillwater River. Isabel did a great job with the posing and didn't hesitate when I asked her to please lay flat on her back on a fallen log, I love my seniors! So sad that the season is coming to an end. Tomorrow I will be flying out to CA to train for a new portrait photography job!

Noah - Salem High School Class of 2018

I'm back! And feeling better than ever after an amazing road trip through the South West and California! Nothing helps me center myself more than being out in nature with my favorite people. It was a necessary time for a pause since, I'm now home and in the process of moving into a new place by the end of the week, only to hop back on a plane and fly back out west for some new job training! I'm hoping for some time to reflect on the past two weeks of travel to consider my options for the future (new photography styles, lifestyle changes, photo contests, which National Park I want to build a house in). But, before I can post road trip photos, I need to catch up on my seniors! From Salem, Massachusetts, here is Noah!

Corinne - Old Town High School Class of 2018

Miss Corinne. What can I say. Corinne's session was the kind of session I daydream about. Everything came together so perfectly. The lighting was golden and beautiful, and there was never an off moment. She was bubbly, comfortable in front of the camera, a natural with the posing and her mom did a great job as my assistant! It was one of those sessions where I ran straight to my computer after stepping inside, SD card in hand, and got right down to editing. One of my favorite senior sessions of the season! 

Sydnee - Orono High School Class of 2018

I LOVE country music, so I was super excited when Sydnee busted out her boots and flannel for a little country vibe. The lighting was so beautiful by the time we made it out to the field, I felt like we were in a country music video. Sydnee worked it and aced the posing, she hardly needed any direction at all, and pointed out the awesome fallen tree that I will definitely be using again!