The {Myth of The} Secret Life of Twins

"Ruby And Veronica" "The Twins" "The Girls" Being a twin has undoubtedly effected my life since the day I was born. Growing up, the two of us were always lumped together as an inseparable pair. But perhaps we were asking for it, we did everything together, sports, piano lessons, working same summer job, we even went as far as to go to the same college together AND we were roommates. People always have questions, and I presume they always will.  “What’s it like to be a twin?" Simple enough, but I've never been able to answer it. "What's is like not being a twin" I'll say back. More questions follow "can you read each others minds" "can you feel each others pain". The {Myth of The} Secret life of twins, is a series of 13 images that illustrates the assumptions and expectations people have about twins as if they were true.